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Finding the right Heating and Cooling system for your home begins with choosing the right heating contractor for you. Our company understands the importance of balancing client needs and the function and coverage of our services. We walk our clients through the process of picking out which system would work best in their home given their available insulation, space and climate. In this manner we work together to find a suitable and adequate HVAC system that is cost-effective, environment friendly and appropriate for your needs.

There are some things you need to know about heating and cooling systems. Installing a centralized heating and/or cooling system has become the norm for most housing. It may cost a little more, but in the long run it will have its benefits. A nice warm cozy house is always welcoming after a long day in cold weather. We believe it is important to keep your residence in just the right temperature environment, the way you want it. Heating systems keep you warm and comfy during the cold season by different mechanisms depending on the type of system used. Furnaces, radiant heat and heat pumps are commonly used. These systems may either use gas, fuel or electricity as the main energy source.

A furnace typically work by blowing warm air through a system of ducts, it makes use of natural gas or electricity. Furnaces are the common choices for home heating systems because they are more energy efficient and are easy to replace.

Radiant heating systems utilize conduction as a method of heating and also use electricity or natural gas and even propane. It works by conducting radiated heat through aluminum panels within floors, walls or ceilings or through conventional radiators. the disadvantages of these types of heaters is that air conditioning units have to be added separately and it costs more to install because of the materials used. It is however more space savvy than the furnace types because it doesn’t make use of a duct system to move heat around the house.

Heat pumps as the name implies pumps heat into your home by utilizing heat from the environment, this includes heat from the ground and air and even water sources like lakes or rivers. Obviously the disadvantage of this system lies in its dependency of the outside environment. It may also have issues with extremes of temperatures. However the upside is that is very energy efficient and can run 365 days a year using the existing heat energy. Any excess heat can be used to supply heat to water tanks for example.

Heating systems also vary in size and you may need to discuss your home heating needs with your heating contractor. When choosing any heating or cooling system always keep in mind the issue of energy efficiency. Make sure you account for places in your home where heat may be lost, and optimize the energy by closing the gaps. This will help save you cash and will also promote a pro-environment cause. Aside from this it is important for home owners to know the maintenance schedule for their HVAC systems as well.

Should you need assistance feel free to contact us, we’d love to be your heating contractor.

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